Nail Changes That You Should Never Ignore: White And Dark Lines, Bold Nails..

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We usually dedicate time to the nails only when they grow. And only a few minutes to cut them.But how many times have you ignored the changes as white lines or discoloration of the nail?

Next time you notice any of these 10 symptoms, ask for an expert opinion.

  • Change of the color of the nails

This change usually indicates infection, vitamin deficiency in the body or a problem with a particular organ in the body.

If nails are yellow it might be because fungal infections. Brown nails indicate diseases associated wih the thyroid gland.

  • Brittle nails

If nails are soft, it can be associated with varnishing and using chemicals too often or a sign that soon the skin will be thrust.

  • Bolden nails

This may also be a consequence of fungal infections. However, it may be because of arthritis or lung problems.

Special attention should be paid to the thickened nails that grow slowly. That means that your body fights this disease for a long time.

  • Spoon shaped nails

If the lower part of your nail goes down and the tops grow up, it can be inflammation or an indicator of weakened red blood cells and anemia.

  • Holes on the nails

No matter how terrible it looks, this isn’t a sign of anything bad. It can be as a result of a hit or genetic predisposition that has nothing to do with health.

  • Grooves on the nails

It’s usually caused by infections or injuries on the fingers. This phenomenon is often seen in people whose hands are exposed to extreme conditions and temperatures.

  • Rounded nails

The rounded nails are sometimes harmless, but sometimes indicate a lack of oxygen in the blood. Problem with liver and lungs are rare but possible cause.

  • White lines on the nails

Although many believe it is a sign of a lack of vitamin A, but what you actually lack are proteins. This change usually occurs when you eat porrly or you are under stress.

  • Black lines on the nails

Pay attention to the black lines on the nails. They can be a certain form of cancer. You are required to see a doctor if you notice them.

  • Red and brown lines

They usually occur as a result of higher pressure, so you should not ignore it.

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