8-Surprising-Spring-Allergy-TriggersDo you happen to have spring allergies? It is totally understandable if you cannot stand certain specific things of the springs, and we totally get you when you declare that you want to stay away of any tree or flower that is blooming in the spring. After all, it’s not our will to have spring allergies and they are definitely not at all pleasant and chill. If you are scared of the sniff triggered by the pollen or the swallowing of the antihistamines, you placed your fears all wrong, because these can only make you sniff and that’s it. Instead, there are other surprising triggers that can launch and entire spring allergy that you didn’t even know you had it.

Here are the top 8 surprising spring allergies triggers

The first and the major one is the spring cleaning. Nasty or not? It doesn’t matter what’s your answer, it matters to know that it might get overwhelming for you to know that in the spring, you have to cleanse and purge all the house. In this scenario, you might discover a lot of dust mites, dust, animal pollen or mold that have been hibernating and resting inside your house all this time, especially in the cracks, the vents, the drapes and so on. If you know this thing, then you can prevent your allergyfrom triggering if you consider, for instance, wearing a dust mask while you are doing all the cleaning and also use a vacuum cleaner that has a very high efficiency in the particulate of the air in order to filter and suck up all the potential allergens.

The anxiety is another surprising spring allergy trigger that we bet you didn’t expect. It was discovered by the Ohio State University Medical Center the fact that the stress doesn’t cause the allergies, no matter how much we used to blame it, but it can definitely exacerbate its symptoms. This fact is due to the increasing of the cortisol level. The cortisol is the stress hormone, right. These increased levels of cortisol are circulating through all of your body and what they do is to weaken the immune system’s ability to eliminate or push aside the allergy triggering proteins.

The ceiling fans can be another type of spring allergy trigger. So, practically, no matter how hard you want to lock yourself inside the house and away from the pollen and blooms and buds that the spring brings, if you have a ceiling fan inside, you will only manage to spread the dust and all the pollen particles that are currently inside your house. If you want to avoid having any of these in the house, just wipe the dust and grime from the ceiling fan blades and do this before you turn them back on.

The fruit pollen is another trigger that gets you an allergy spring. You know you care too little about all the spring allergies you may have when you see the first signs of seasonal fruits in the grocery shops or at the farmer’s market. But still, you have to be cautious about this particular fact: when the pollen, weed, the grass and the trees counts are higher, that’s when your immune system starts to attack any trace of pollen that gets inside your body. Specialists claim that the people who are suffering from a spring allergy that is triggered by pollen are susceptible of also reacting to fruit pollen. If you want to lessen or even better, to prevent the allergies that are triggered by the fruit pollen, make sure to peel or to cook the fruits before eating them.

Your pet or pets can trigger a spring allergy just as like the rest. How? Well, when the spring arrives, all the cats or dogs make friends with the pollen and smells it and take it inside your house on their coat. So happens with all the dust they play in, or the mold. And since we know that you definitely don’t want this in your house, we suggest to regularly bathe or wipe the dog’s or the cat’s coat with a damp cloth whenever they come inside the house.

What do you think of the hair sprays, the gels and the mousses that you’re using?

All the hair sprays, the gels, the pomades, the serums and the mousses that you use on your hair to keep it fresh and curly or straight in the spring can create a hotbed that is able to trap the pollen. If you want to make sure your hair doesn’t retain any pollen or dust, it is best to wash it daily and also to avoid all the hair products that you use in order to reduce the allergens that can get trapped in your hair strands.

Another reason and trigger of a spring allergy can be the fact that you are already sleeping with the dust and the pollen in the same bed. All the dust and pollen that gathers on your hair and clothes remains on the bed, so, if you don’t want to take them to your bed, make sure to shower and wash the hair before you tuck into bed, in order to reduce or eliminate the pollen and dust that can lay on your bed with you. Advice: do not, under any circumstance, wear the shirt you’ve spent your day in when it’s time for you to go to bed.

The wine is a spring allergy trigger as well. Yes, you didn’t see that coming, we know. Well, according to specialists, if you combine a few glasses of wine with your already asthma symptoms, the hay fever or the symptoms of a chronic bronchitis, you may get a dilatation of the blood vessels in your nose and the sinuses, which means more sneezing for you, along with post-nasal drip and the constriction of the lower airways. Not pleasant, we know.


All things considered, it is important to watch out for your health when the spring kicks in, especially if you know that you are susceptible of developing a spring allergyout of practically nothing. Spring allergies are not the worst thing that can happen to you, but they are sure as hell not pleasant. In fact, you may not have a spring allergy at all, but if you are exposed to any of these 8 spring allergies triggers, you can get acquainted with one in the blink of an eye.

As you can see, hygiene of the hair and the body (and the pets, yes, the pets!) is very important in combating or preventing the spring allergies, especially when it comes to dust and pollen. After all, you definitely don’t want to miss the spring’s beauty by locking yourself inside the house and washing everything you wear or after everything you touch for the fear of triggering a spring allergy! With a little caution and extra care for the clothes you’re wearing, spring allergies can be totally gone from your life. Also, take precaution measures when you do the cleaning up of your entire house and do not forget to wipe the dust and grime from the ceiling fans as well. Good luck in the next spring!

Do you happen to have spring allergies? It is totally understandable if you cannot stand certain specific things of the springs, and we totally get you when you declare that you want to stay away of any tree or flower that is blooming in the spring. After all, it’s not...